Fizz Functional Wall Hook is designed to be made by metal extrusion. Plus, it integrates 2 functions into 1 simple product.
Aluminum extrusion is a highly productive manufacturing approach, which is good to produce product with simple form or repetitive part in mass scale. To use extrusion as production method, the product should be designed on a 2D basis, which means cross section will define most of the shape. Fizz Functional Wall Hook is made of aluminum. After the aluminum extrusion, the extruded part will be cut into the final size and go through the post-production of hole drilling.​​​​​​​
Not only does aluminum extrusion give Fizz hook an unique looking but it also brings the strength which makes it able to offer function other than a normal wall hook. Noticed that many bottle openers are made by the same manufacturing approach, I add an opener on Fizz hook too. Moreover, there is a small magnet placed inside the Fizz hook, which helps it to catch keys and detached bottle caps.

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