This is a visual branding strategy for a coffee shop done with designers Jie Qian and Gabriela Siman.
The inspiration of this design is the landscape of El Salvador. EI Salvador is a big export country of coffee beans, where the coffee farms occupy the hillsides of the mountains and form unique geometric looking. We design a coffee shop called Cafe de Montaña which focus on local community. Not only Cafe de Montaña uses local coffee beans and sugar but it also adopts local elements as the inspiration for company’s visual identity. This is where our design comes in. We translate the geometric feature of the coffee farms on the hillside into a 3 dimensional form on the coffee lids. Moreover, we also collect the vivid colors from the pictures of EI Salvador cities to do the graphic design.
Under this project, the prototype is made by the real vacuum forming process. We make the mold out of high density polyurethane foams through CNC tooling, and do the vacuum forming.

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